Books by Allen Russell

Voice Actor, Writer, and A Cowboy At Heart


                                                         Tall Tales and Miss Scarlett

                                                                Cowboy Fast Draw


Beckwourth Pass, near Hallelujah Junction, California.

Montana, Where My Heart Lives.

"The High Plains of Eastern Montana are my second home. I have been privileged to travel and hunt all over America, the far north of Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. I've met many good friends in camps from here to there and back again. I'm from Tennessee and most of my family is there, but when I think of being home, my heart goes back to Montana. Many of my dearest friends are here. I'm never more satisfied than when I'm under that big, beautiful sky. It can be hot and dry or cold and blowing, but this big wide open country and that lonesome wind inspire me. I wasn't born here and I may not die here, but it will always be part of me. In some small way I hope I'll always be part of it."    Allen      

Allen and Rufus, Wyoming.

Allen and Rufus in Wyoming's Big Horn Mountains. Doing research for his next novel, "Crow Feather"  

Cattle Drive, Wyoming

                198... 199...No, wait, dad-gum it! 1...2...3...

Split Rail Outfitters

     Executive Board Meeting, Split Rail Outfitters 

Nathan Russell, Allen, and Jerry Gibbs waitin' on supper at Rock Cabin Camp, Wyoming. 

Split Rail Outdoors

Allen on location in the wilderness of Northern Quebec, filming an episode of "Split Rail Outdoors" 


Teresa and Bolt Action in Montana. Filming for Lonesome Trails TV,


                  My Honey at Number Ten Saloon, Deadwood


Allen (in the hat) and Rufus in the Bighorns

Double Rafter Cattle-Drive, Wyoming